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Center for THz-driven Biological Systems

Ph.D. degree

Da-hye Choi

Hydration Water of Lipid Bilayer by THz spectroscopy

Erasus Medical Center Rotterdam (Netherand)

Ohjoon Kwon

Micro-fabricated THz devies

Center for axion & precision physics research / IBS

Sun-Hong Min

Mode Converted Relativistic Backward Wave Oscillator

Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciecnes

Matlabjon Sattorov

Interaction of THz Resonant Backward Wave with Inclined Electron Beam in Grating Structure

Seoul Teracom

Jin-Kyu So

FEA / Cold Cathode / W-band folded waveguide

Postdoctoral Research Associate

(Univ. of Southampton)

Hoe-Chung Jung

Magnetically Insulated Line Oscillator

LIG Nex1

Jong-Hyo Won

Nonlinear beam-wave interaction in Folded Waveguide TWTs

LIG Nex1

Kyu-Ha Jang

MEMS based THz-nano-Klystrons

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Young-Do Joo

Helix traveling wave tube / Photonic crystal Gyrotron / THz imaging

Pohang Accelerator Laboratory

Dae-Ho Kim

High power microwaves

Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

Jung-Il Kim

Magnetron oscillator / Novel resonator using photonic crystal

Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

Young-Min Shin

Coupled-Cavity TWT

Assistant Professor

(Fermi National Lab - Northern Illinois Univ.)

Seoung-Tae Han

High-frequency radiation / Interactoin between EM wave and materials

Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

Seok-Gy Jeon

Novel vacuum devices using photonic crystals

Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

Chan-Wook Baik

High power microwaves

Samsun Advanced Institute of Technology

Yong-Ban Kang


Teacher (Youngdongil high school)

Sun-Shin Jung

Helix TWT

Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

Hyun-Jun Ha

Folded Waveguide TWT / Helix TWT / FEA

Samsung Electronics

Jeong-Gu Jin

Klystron / Magnetron / Gyrotron

Teacher (Seoul Science High School)


M.S. degree

Jungmin Jang

Broadband dielectric spectroscopy on PEG solution

Ph.D. student (SNU)

Tae Young Kim

Broadband W-band pillbox Window

Samsung Electronics

Seong-Hyuk Park

Propagation of relativistic electron beams in pulsed electromagnets


Sang-Ho Shin

High Power Microwave (HPM)


Sang-Hoon Kim

Surface Plasmon

Samsung Electronics

Jun-Kyu Kim

Cold Cathode Folded Waveguide TWT


Hee-Jin Ko

Field Emission Cathode / Photonic Crystal Reflected Klystron


Seong-Hun Jeong

Counter-Streaming Coupled Cavity


Hyung-Sik Kim


Samsung SDI

Doo-Hyoung Lee



Woo-Kyoung Han

HFSS/ MAGIC computer simulation

Korea Basic Science Institute

Chan-Sik Hwang

Microwave Modulator

Chief of company

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